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Ceiling Restoration

What Is Home Restoration?

Home restoration is when a company (such as Nailed It Roofing!) comes out to “restore” or “return” the property back to its original condition, or to a condition during a particular point of time. It can be as simple as replacing drying holes in the wall, or replacing all the dry wall in your household. However, it can also include bigger damages, such as flooding or fire. It is difficult to find an experienced contractor in the DFW metroplex, that’s why you should put your faith and trust in us; a company that has over 80 plus combined years of experience, and has been in the industry for nearly three decades. If you’re ready to get your property restored, call us today at (682) 323-6128, or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE!

What Do I Do If My Home Needs To Be Restored?

If your home needs to be restored, here’s a small checklist of what should be done to ensure that you’re on the right track to getting your home back to pre-loss conditions*:


  1. Prevent further damages! For instance, if you have a pipe that has burst, TURN OFF THE WATER!
  2. Take photos! Take as many photos as you can of your damaged property.
  3. Call your insurance company! They will help you file a claim and walk you through the next steps and if needed, talk about a temporary living situation.
  4. Call Nailed It! We'll ask some questions that can be easily answered over the phone such as, "did emergency services come" or "if the water was turned off." Next, we'll go out to your property as quickly as we can. We will then do a full walk-through of the property, provide a full-detailed report, and give you a recommendation on what steps to take next.

*this is not a comprehensive list

Bathroom Restoration


Did your property suffer from water, fire, or wind damage in the middle of the night? Don’t panic, Nailed It is available 24/7! Simply call us at our mainline at (682) 323-6128! We know that there is an emotional toll on losing your property, so let us help take some of that pressure off of your back! Here at Nailed It, we have a team dedicated to rebuilding homes from the ground up. So if you need restoration done to your property, call the professionals that have been in business for nearly 30 years!

How Do I Get My House Restored?

It is super easy! Here at Nailed It Roofing and Construction, we offer FREE ESTIMATES with a photo or written detailed report (upon request) and our recommendations on what steps to take next. We also believe in honest work and building lifelong relationships. If you’re looking to get your home restored due to water, fire, or other related damages, simply call us at (682) 323-6128 or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule your free estimate today! We also offer FREE ROOF, INTERIOR, AND EXTERIOR INSPECTIONS so don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re available 24/7!

Before & After: Home Restoration

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