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What's The Difference Between Mitigation and Restoration?

What Is Mitigation?

Mitigation is done prior to restoration and its main objective is to reduce the risk of additional damage done to the affected property. For instance, this can include:


  • Creating drying holes (flood cuts)
  • Removal of debris
  • Removal of water and moisture from walls or ceilings
  • Removal of floor material (such as carpet)
  • Ozone machine (to help get rid of smoke)


It is recommended that mitigation is done within 24 hours of the accident. If not dealt with as fast as possible, it can lead to more problems and mitigation could be more aggressive. Please note, NAILED IT IS NOT A MITIGATION COMPANY, WE SPECIALIZE IN RESTORATION! However, we do have mitigation partners that will be more than glad to assist you with any of your mitigation needs! 

What Is Restoration?

Restoration is when a company (such as Nailed It!) comes out to “restore” or “return” the property that was affected by sources like water, fire, smoke, and even storms back to pre-loss condition. It is difficult to find an experienced restoration contractor in the DFW metroplex. That’s why you should put your faith and trust in us, a company that has been in the business for nearly three decades. If you’re ready to get your property restored- from a one room restoration, to a complete loss restoration-  call us today at (682) 323-6128, or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule your FREE RESTORATION INSPECTION TODAY!

How Do I Know If I Need Something Mitigated or Restored?

If your property needs to be mitigated, odds are you’re going to need to get your property restored. Mitigation comes before restoration, and thus you will most likely need to go through both processes. Don’t worry, Nailed It can help with all of your restoration needs! Simply call us today at (682) 323-6128 or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule your FREE INSPECTION today!

What Does Nailed It Do And How Can They Help Me?

Did your property suffer a loss from fire, water, or even smoke? Do you need to bring your property back to pre-loss conditions? Look no further, Nailed It can help! We’re a leader in not only the roofing industry, but also the restoration industry! We’ve been in business for nearly three decades, so you can count on us to get the job done right the first time! From a one room restoration to a complete loss restoration, we can handle any of your restoration needs with our dedicated team of experts! Call us today at (682) 323-6128, or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule your FREE RESTORATION INSPECTION today!

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