Were You Hit With Hail And Your Home Needs Repairs In Grand Prairie, Texas? Call Us!

A Bad Hail Storm Just Passed, What Do I Do?

If you suspect that your home has been affected by a hail storm, the first thing you should do is assess your property- is your roof missing shingles, are there holes in the roof, etc. Second, make sure to contact your insurance company so that they can send out an adjuster to look at your property more closely. Lastly, contact Nailed It to come out and inspect your home and if needed, do some repairs. Even if your roof wasn’t affected by hail, you won’t know until you schedule one of our FREE INSPECTIONS! We’ll check your property for any hail hits and recommended what steps to take next to ensure your home can be repaired! Call us today at (682) 323- 6128 or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule your appointment today!

What Are Some Signs My Home Was Affected?

It can be difficult to know what to look for when it comes to how hail affected your property. However, here are some easy-to-spot signs that your property was affected by hail. 


●Dents in gutters

●Shingles that have fallen off the roof

●Broken and/or cracked windows

●Splatter marks on fence

●Holes in screen windows


If you’re worried that your property has hail hits, call Nailed It to do your repairs! Call us today at (682) 323-6128 or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule your FREE ROOF INSPECTION!

What Steps Should I Take Next?

Call the folks at Nailed It to perform a FREE INSPECTION to assess any potential issues with your property. When we are reviewing your home, we’ll look for the following:


●Wear and tear


●Possible hail impacts

●Anomalies to the shingles


If you’re in the market to repair any impacts that hail has made to your home, call us today at (682) 323-6128 or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule your FREE ROOF INSPECTION!

Roofers Replacing A Roof

How Can Nailed It Help Me?

Did a hail storm affect your property? Are you in the market to get some hail hit repairs? Look no further, Nailed It can help you with all of your hail related issues! From fencing to a full roof replacement, we can do it all! We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years, so you can trust us to get the job done right with quality workmanship. Since we offer FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS, you have nothing to worry about! We also provide a full detailed report with photos so that you can see what we see. If you want a leader in the roofing, restoration, and remodeling industry, call us today at (682) 323-6128, or email us at office@naileditroofer.com to schedule an appointment today! 

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