Needing A Hail Roof Repair In Dallas, Texas? We Have Your Back!

A Storm Just Passed By My House, What Do I Do?

One of the first things that should be done is asses your property. For example, is your roof missing shingles, are your gutters dented, etc. Next, make sure to contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will send out an adjuster to look at your property more closely. Lastly, call a roofing company (like Nailed It!) to inspect, and if needed, repair your roof. When you go with Nailed It, you go with a company that specializes in quality workmanship that will last. Call us today to take advantage of our FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS at (682) 323-6128 or email us at to schedule your inspection! 

Broken Shingle Roof Repair Texas

How Do I Know If My House Was Affected By The Storm?

It is not recommended that a homeowner gets on their own roof to asses how their home was affected by the storm. However, there are some obvious signs that don’t require you to get on your roof. For instance, dents in gutters, shingles that have fallen off your roof, broken/cracked windows, splatter marks on fences, and holes in window screens are just some of the signs to be on the lookout for. Unfortunately, not all signs are so obvious. Call Nailed It to thoroughly check out your roof! We’ll help you with every step of the way and ensure that your roof will be in the best condition possible. Call us today at (682) 323-6128 or email us at to schedule your FREE ROOF INSPECTION!

What Are The Next Steps To Take To Repair My Home?

After assessing the property and ensuring that everything is in an okay condition, call Nailed It- our team of  professionals will help you take the next step into getting your roof repaired! We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years and have a proven track record of providing quality work to all of our customers! Call us today at
(682) 323-6128, or email us at to schedule your FREE ROOF INSPECTION today!

Jake Medcalf and Tim Summers Inspection Roof Part 2

How Can Nailed It Help Me?

Looking to repair your roof from some hail hits? Don’t worry, Nailed It can help! With our 30 years of being in business, you can rest easy knowing that we can get the job done right the first time! We also offer FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS- something that not all roofers in Dallas, Texas do. If you want our services, call us today at
(682) 323-6128 or email us at to schedule your inspection today! Our team of experts will tell you all you need to know about your roof, and provide you with a photo-detailed report of their findings. From there, we’ll give you our recommendations as well as what steps to take next. We look forward to working with you in the future! 

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