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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) made its debut into the roofing industry in the early 1990s. Initially, TPO was thought to be an alternative to PVC roofing. However, it has since carved its niche in the roofing market and has now become a popular option for roofing contractors especially in the commercial roofing space.

TPO membranes are constructed out of co-polymerized rubber that offers the roofing systems great flexibility during cold weather conditions. These membranes are entirely white and thus, tend to be highly reflective which minimizes UV radiation. This characteristic makes TPO an excellent option for a building owner who is looking to reduce energy costs. The recyclability of the TPO membranes makes it an environmentally friendly roofing system. TPO roofs are also highly durable and resistant to dirt, bacteria, and debris accumulation. Because of this, TPO is highly protective against punctures, tears, and overall impact damage.

Modified Bitumen

Modified roofing systems, also referred to as “modified bitumen roofing systems,” are typically low slope roofing membranes. Its membrane makeup typically consists of modifiers that are usually added to standard roofing asphalt for replacing the plasticizers that are removed during the process of distillation. Bitumen is then reinforced with the help of polyester fiber or fiberglass to increase the overall strength and durability. Once installed, modified bitumen roofing can last several years. The modified roofing membrane is quite durable and does not get damaged easily. It is also resistant to harsh weather which is perfect for winters in Dallas/ Fort Worth.

The two most common types of modified roofing systems are APP and SBS. The utilization of SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) roofing membrane aims at increasing the overall flexibility of the roofing system. Moreover, it also allows for ensuring stronger contraction and expansion capabilities. The other type of modified bitumen roofing system is the APP (Atactic Polypropylene) membrane which is typically used to increase the overall agility of the roofing system.

There are four typical modified roofing installation methods including Torch Application, Cold Pressed Adhesives, Hot Mopped, and self-adhering sheets. If you are considering a modified roof for your commercial property and have some questions, please take advantage of our expert knowledge by booking a non-obligation modified roofing consultation. We offer the best-in-class modified roofing solutions for the best results.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing along with wall panels are a fantastic solution for low-maintenance and commercial-grade performance while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the building.

Metal roofing is a staple of high-end commercial roofing solutions because of its outstanding flexibility, durability, and reduced lifecycle costs. Commercial metal roofing provides superior performance in conditions of ice, water, and snow.

As an experienced metal roofing company here in Dallas / Fort Worth, we are committed to offering the best-in-class when it comes to commercial and industrial metal roofing services. We handle installation, repairs, and maintenance.​

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